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100 Reasons To Break Down is a Metroidvania I've started working on two years ago. At that time, my knowledge of Unity was a bit more limited and the idea of scope for this game that I had was staggering. This is a game about exploration and story telling and while the mechanics are fine and there are a few neat ideas here and there, I wouldn't say that I did well in working all of these hours on this. I completed eight GameJam games here on itch.io while working on this, and there's nothing in 100 Reasons To Break Down that really makes it special or particularly noteworthy. In essence, I've made this game for myself.

But it's still a metroidvania that'll last you a good chunk of time if you want to try it! Explore ten different maps with up to a hundred rooms in each, level up and customize your character and your weapon, use skills to defeat enemies and bosses, complete challenges and achievements, all while following the space mystery of Admiral A and his crew!

I had to cut short the last 40% of the game for the reasons mentioned earlier. There are also no sound effects or music. It pains me to cut that much content, but then again, I wanted to make a metroidvania, and I did.

Install instructions

Unpack the .exe and the data folder at the same location and enjoy!


100RTBDv6.zip 18 MB