A downloadable game for Windows

In Brooman Potionmeister, the player has to survive in a toxic environment with a limited supply of air and health. The air is represented by a gauge on the back of the character while the health is related by blinking lights on its front. Air is draining constantly while health is reduced by enemies and traps. The character's main ability is to spin, destroying things in its environment such as rocks and logs and globes of gold and silver, then using a cauldron, the player can craft potions and various items to help him defeat enemies, restore its resources and ultimately win the game. The way you brew potions is simple, you memorize a pattern for a few seconds and then you need to reproduce it before time runs out. If you fail, something might happen like losing your ingredients or the cauldron might simply blow up.

Whenever the player wants to quit the game, he has to craft a Safety Potion that will save his game and allow him to come back safely, however, if a player just exits the game, it will erase its progress and the player will have to start from the beginning. This was done in order to enforce the permanency of what happened in the game; The player's inventory, his status in the world, etc. When the player finally dies, he gets to make a few choices that will influence his next run regarding the number of enemies, traps and resources he will find. Like in JesterQuest 3D, the level is built procedurally as the player moves in the world. As the player collects items and materials, he gets to learn more about them too, sometimes hints will be placed in these descriptions.

Published Aug 28, 2015


Brooman Potionmeister.zip 28 MB