A downloadable game for Windows

Waking up in a mysterious mansion, the unnamed protagonist is confronted by four locks surrounding a massive door and a radio lays next to him. Picking up the radio, the player finds a mysterious person tied up somewhere in the mansion calling them for help. After multiple puzzles solved, the player meets up three NPCs on the radio - and finds evidence that there was someone else there.

There are three basic puzzles to solve; Finding codes through the mansion and entering them in the right order, a library puzzle where you need to swap books around to find the right order and a frequency scanning minigame where you need to follow a signal with your radio. There are plenty of situations where the player needs to use the radio to discuss with NPCs to advance in the story and figure out the real truth behind the game.

Install instructions

Just unzip the whole thing at the same location and go!


ggj2017_homefrequency_windows.zip 14 MB