A downloadable game for Windows

JesterQuest 3D has the same goals of the original game, to find the nine treasures in each level. The levels are labyrinth-like grids where monsters roam. By using Swords found randomly, you can defeat enemies, which drop keys opening a room in the level. You need to collect food to stay alive and lights to see the enemies.

When your torch meter is empty, enemies get invisible. This is problematic when your sword meter is empty so invisible enemies can kill you without the character having much time to evade them.

When your sword meter is empty, enemies kill you instantly. Sometimes when the player kills an enemy, an item in the map will be turned into a powered-up version that wasn't in the original game. You also collect flowers that used to be only for points, but now they give you an extra life and help you by making meters drain slower the more flowers you have.


JesterQuest-3D.zip 10 MB