A downloadable game

This game was made with a wonderful team during Global Game Jam 2018 and plays better with two Xbox 360 controllers!


Hello humans! Welcome to the Planet X Games! You have been forcefully chosen to participate in this episode and I hope you give it your all! In order to reach the rocket to safely bring you back home, you will need to cooperate with your friend and transmit items back and forth! You start locked in a small room while your friend is in the great outdoors and the only key is out there? Simple! Transmit it, and you'll be free! Take a closer look for these pressure plates, they open specific doors somewhere else!

Enemies are wearing you down? These Planet X Drones sure shoot a mean bullet! You can destroy them with the Space Pistol without worries! Watch out for these turrets, you'll need a shield to get past them safely! The Shredder Bots are on patrol and bullets are ineffective against their purple bodies, so you will need the Sonic Glove to take care of them! What's this? You managed to defeat all the enemies and get to the boss? It's the Planet X X-Crusher! With four deadly phases, you'll need your wits and a quick transmission trigger to defeat it!

Congratulations, you go to the end, climb aboard the X-Rocket and you'll be able to go home!

Install instructions

Just uninstall everything at the same location and you're good!


TransmissionFromPlanetX.zip 19 MB