A downloadable game

In VIRTUAL PET, you boot up an application .exe file and then a program emulating a VIRTUAL PET pops out and talks to you about things it does.


  • Timers counting down
  • Play pong, maths, or solve badly parsed wikipedia quizzes
  • Get asked questions about your life and learn about other VIRTUAL PET owners
  • There's an unbalanced turn-based RPG in there
VIRTUAL PET will ask you things like your nickname or your age or what's your favorite drink and then send that info to the internet. Other VIRTUAL PET owners might read the things you've written, so don't tell VIRTUAL PET your biggest secrets and don't write mean things in the text fields. VIRTUAL PET might need administrator rights to run. VIRTUAL PET is a videogame and not advertising.

Install instructions

This should just work as-is, unpack VIRTUAL PET dot EXE and VIRTUAL PET_data next to each other (on the desktop)


VIRTUAL PET_Data.zip (8 MB)