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Area 15:51:51 is a game where you play Colonel Cornelius Copperfield, the security expert for a government base, you have been tasked to recover something from Room 999 before the place blows up in an hour. This base focuses on research in time travel, experimental weaponry and cloning technology, can you do it?

The controls are quite simple, click somewhere to indicate to the Colonel where you want to move. Hold the left mouse button on something to interact with it, click the right mouse button to fire your Nuclear Tactical Rifle - another piece of experimental weaponry, no doubt.

Each room is generated procedurally, there is close to no randomness going on, what influences the most how rooms are built is the timer counting down and the number of the room you're in. Can you get to Room 999 before you either die or run out of time?

This game was created for the Procedural Generation Jam of 2015 and I got inspired by the sprite for that little soldier dude that was included in the art pack!

Install instructions

Unzip Area 15-51-51.zip, place the .exe and the _data folder at the same place and that's it!


Area 15-51-51.zip 8 MB

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