A downloadable game for Windows

Enemy Database is my first person shooter where you play the admin of a cyber database using an arm computer/cannon in order to scan and return enemies to their proper place. Go through a light story of shooting at geometric shapes with upgrades, skills and easter eggs to find while always trying to recover them all!

Music and SFX taken from Earthbound.

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and everything should work as long as both the .exe and the data folder are at the same place!


Enemy Database.zip 15 MB


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Thanks for the comment! Yeah I hear what you mean, the game is overall probably too easy and the music is just what I could get, I probably could've made the overall game shorter but more engaging on the gameplay side.

I've only played the first 11 missions. The storytelling via the computer database system e-mail is really cool. So far it is pretty easy. I also think the audio is your top priority to fix. I could imagine some really neat synth music would fit perfect with this project.

Maybe the difficulty picks up, and I'll be playing more of it later, but I think you should challenge the player earlier into the game.

That being said the transitions between levels and menus are flawless and overall it feels about how you'd want it to feel.