You have been hired to do some Game Design, maybe other things as well! Use various software tools, such as GAMEDESIGN.exe, VIDEOUPLOAD.exe, EDITVIDEO.exe, CHAT.exe and SOCIALMEDIA.exe to work your 9 to 5 job! Things won't always go well and you might lose Motivation, but don't worry, you're still doing plenty of good around you!

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The game is a fun little time waster, but it's kind of annoying that when you finish early you have to sit there and let the time run out. I assume this was the point, but untill you get the social media it can be a little boring. Love the game though.


Yeah, I guess the first days are a bit boring when you run out of things to do, but that's what a workday sometimes feels like! So I guess it's a weird success in a way.