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Magic Darts is a game where all you do is throw darts in order to cast spells. Whenever you hit the board with your darts, you get runes that are used at the end of your three throws in order to select which spell you'll cast. Most spells deal damage to your enemies, some will heal you or give you boosts. Others are to be discovered!

There are 50 enemies to defeat, each with their strengths - and sometimes weaknesses. Whenever you defeat an enemy, you level up, gaining new runes, more health or more spell power. If you die, you start over from the beginning, with new enemy encounters, rune placements and opportunities for success.

Magic Darts is very simple to play since all you do is press Enter and watch darts go! How many enemies can you defeat?

This game was created for the NES Box Art Jam and my inspiration is Magic Darts - a game that, now that I look at it, is only basic darts. No magic there!


  • Fixed ending-related bug

Install instructions

Unzip Magic Darts.zip, place the .exe and the _data folder at the same place and that's it!


Magic Darts.zip 7 MB


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Thanks! I see your points, they're pretty valid. Agreed that some more polish could've been given to make it a more complete game, but I'm happy that you like the core concept :)

Wow, such a great system you have established! It lacks some stuff like sounds, music, a less grey interface and a clearer tutorial imo. But your board, your little drawings of runes & monsters and your gameplay really are good! I love games like Puzzle Quest or Gyromancer, and I could definitely see some potential here, with some story telling and a worldmap with quests (even linear).

Develop a little more the strategic aspect (with visual strentghs and weaknesses on the board maybe) and you could obtain a nice little Puzzle-RPG :) Well done!

(and sorry if it sounded a little harsh, I speak as if it was a finished game rather than a game jam one)