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Thanks! I see your points, they're pretty valid. Agreed that some more polish could've been given to make it a more complete game, but I'm happy that you like the core concept :)

Wow, such a great system you have established! It lacks some stuff like sounds, music, a less grey interface and a clearer tutorial imo. But your board, your little drawings of runes & monsters and your gameplay really are good! I love games like Puzzle Quest or Gyromancer, and I could definitely see some potential here, with some story telling and a worldmap with quests (even linear).

Develop a little more the strategic aspect (with visual strentghs and weaknesses on the board maybe) and you could obtain a nice little Puzzle-RPG :) Well done!

(and sorry if it sounded a little harsh, I speak as if it was a finished game rather than a game jam one)