The CYMK Conspiracy is a game inspired by the this famicase 2018 entry it tells the story of M, a bomb squad expert in the RGB working alongside fellow agents as they try to go through a single day of their lives without detonating the wrong piece of ordinance. When mysterious bombs start showing up in unexpected places, M must rise to the challenge!

Join M in a bunch of weird situations and try to defuse all the bombs by guessing which color is the right one! Collect nine achievements, use them to slow down time, you can even date that one guy! Can you beat all thirty two levels and unravel the CYMK Conspiracy?


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I enjoyed this quite a bit. I didn't finish it, but I will be coming back to play again. The story is appropriately goofy, and I love the use of time and chance in a deduction puzzle.

One note: playing in full screen makes the text window and timer cover up the JPG and HEX for me.  My monitor is running at 1600x900.

Oh, that's weird yeah. I should just disable the full screen toggle since the game expects to run in only one specific resolution; sorry!